Celebrating 20 years of marriage for Marty and Amy!

Read Marty and Amy's Testimonial
Celebrating landmark anniversaries can be overwhelming – especially when being the center of attention is not in your wheelhouse. Melissa helped to shape our 20th anniversary in way that allowed us the intimacy we craved to commemorate the personal moments with a larger gathering that followed to celebrate the occasion itself. She enabled us to create a balance that we would not have been able to achieve without her guidance. From budget to caterers to décor and favors, Melissa’s attention to detail was apparent in every aspect of this celebration. When we look back at our original wedding day, it is a blur of standout moments and constant activity. We didn’t even have time to eat the day we got married. In contrast, every aspect of our anniversary celebration is remembered. The amazing food and thoughtful presentation, the decorative touches of rustic elegance, the photo booth, dance area, signature beverages, and the seamless coordination on the day of the party – all of that was a result of Melissa’s commitment to ensuring this moment went exactly as she helped us plan it. Thank you Melissa for helping us to create a uniquely personal event that we will always treasure.