Beth and Eric’s Wedding Day

A beautiful wedding day for Beth and Eric!

Read Beth and Eric's Testimonial
Simply put, she was the “behind the scenes” orchestrater of the entire event. She meticulously and tirelessly worked on everything from our budget to our timeline to our décor to our ambiance to everything else in between.

There are so many moving parts to a wedding that I hadn’t even thought of. The task of planning it on my own would have been overwhelming and chaotic. She did it with such ease and professionalism that, if there was anything that was difficult or chaotic, I had no knowledge of it. As a bride, that is ideal with anything regarding your wedding. She provided us with spreadsheets to keep us on track with budget and our To Do lists so there were no last minute panics or surprises.

To say that the day of the wedding was magical is an understatement. There just isn’t a word for it. I still remember the day I saw the venue decorated. My sweetheart table, the cake table, the card table, the table that held the place cards and then the favors… it still takes my breath away just thinking about it. Countless guests came up to me to tell me how amazing everything was, how beautiful everything was, and how the LOVED the “Survival Kit” in the bathrooms, something I hadn’t even thought of!

Every detail, literally everything, was taken into account. She remembered my vision and brought it to a new level. Everything that was handmade was so elegant and beautiful. It was exactly what I had dreamed of. The attention to every detail and the time spent on creating unique pieces for every table, every piece of décor in the venue was astounding and I will never be able to thank her enough. She puts real love into what she does. She truly cares about your vision. She will work tirelessly and meticulously on every detail of your event and make your dreams a reality. She will hand craft your décor with such love and inspiration from what YOU want that you will be simply blown away at the final product. She went above and beyond for our wedding and I just wish I could put into words how grateful I am for everything she did, and wish I could relive that day over and over.



A Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 50 golden years of marriage!

Read the Couple's Daughter's Testimonial
Melissa planned my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, encompassing a vintage theme, peppered with nostalgia of their era and embodying a celebration of their life and journey as a couple. It was beautiful. I cried, literally, when I saw the end results. With Melissa’s guidance and endless creativity, the theme came together, we stayed on task and, very importantly, we stayed on budget. Excellent experience Melissa Caisse is the professional you want for event planning! Don’t stop and think about itjust engage her services and you will not be disappointed!

–Michelle J.



Marty and Amy’s 20th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of marriage for Marty and Amy!

Read Marty and Amy's Testimonial
Celebrating landmark anniversaries can be overwhelming – especially when being the center of attention is not in your wheelhouse. Melissa helped to shape our 20th anniversary in way that allowed us the intimacy we craved to commemorate the personal moments with a larger gathering that followed to celebrate the occasion itself. She enabled us to create a balance that we would not have been able to achieve without her guidance. From budget to caterers to décor and favors, Melissa’s attention to detail was apparent in every aspect of this celebration. When we look back at our original wedding day, it is a blur of standout moments and constant activity. We didn’t even have time to eat the day we got married. In contrast, every aspect of our anniversary celebration is remembered. The amazing food and thoughtful presentation, the decorative touches of rustic elegance, the photo booth, dance area, signature beverages, and the seamless coordination on the day of the party – all of that was a result of Melissa’s commitment to ensuring this moment went exactly as she helped us plan it. Thank you Melissa for helping us to create a uniquely personal event that we will always treasure.


SHS – Stillwater Central High School Sports Banquet 

What a ball it was to design for and plan the SHS Soccer Banquet for the Varsity Boys team, honoring their Wasaren League Championship.

The banquet theme was based on the fall season and using the iconic brick texture of the school the students attend. All centerpieces and decorations were designed and produced by Melissa Caisse.

Read Cathy R.'s Testimonial
Planning an end of the season sport celebration for a mixed group of high school students, male and female, their parents and their coaches is an elaborate and time consuming process. Having Melissa’s guidance, assistance and skill throughout this process was invaluable. A successful banquet is a delicate balance of meeting everyone’s needs and hopefully surpassing all their expectations. This is what Melissa was able to accomplish. Students, parents and coaches were blown away with the decorative detail and magical atmosphere that was created. I was hoping that Melissa’s planning service would take our event to the next level, but it took us far beyond any level I imagined. Thank you Melissa for creating a moment and memory that all of us attending will cherish.

–Cathy R., Stillwater Central High School

Hearts & Harvest NPO Fundraiser

The bountiful Hearts & Harvest event was a festive and enjoyable gathering for individuals and businesses to come together to support their area’s homeless mothers and their children through the St. Paul’s Center in Rensselaer, NY.

We designed the save the date card and the folded invitation for this event. The event was directed and executed by Melissa Caisse.



A Baby Shower That Was Very ‘Me’

A custom themed baby shower with magic and Harry Potter!

Read Felice F.'s Full Testimonial
Having thrown a few baby showers I know how difficult it is to come up with something original, special for the mom-to-be, but also practical. Yet Melissa amazed and truly blessed this momma-to-be with a shower for my little rainbow baby boy. We joked about a rainbow baby theme turning into a carnival theme, but she kept if very natural and nerdy… the perfect nod to this crunchy geeky momma of a rainbow baby. With a bit of rainbow in the cake and decorations, lots of rustic woodsy decor, and the perfect Harry Potter touches here and there, my baby shower was so very… me.

Her desire to understand what her clients want and envision coupled with her attention to detail make the events she plans spectacular. And special. Her events aren’t just about being a feast for the senses, but they’re also meant to celebrate the guest(s) of honor. I wish I could better explain how wonderful and thoughtful and talented she is as both an event planner and a caterer… but take a look at her pictures and the other testimonials. Or hire her and see for yourself!

–Felice Ford

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